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Dr. Shirley Cothran Barret was born and reared in Denton, Texas. Her parents, both Christians, introduced Shirley to her church family, whom she believes contributed greatly to making her the person she is today.

Shirley's childhood was far from what many would consider the typical future Miss America upbringing. Her mother was a homemaker, and her father was a local policeman. The family's modest lifestyle left little for extra advantages. However, being showered with approval and encouragement for her various efforts, Shirley rarely felt deprived.

Always viewed as a shy and quiet young girl, Shirley's venturing into the pageant arena surprised many people, including herself. But the rewards of competition and winning scholarship money persuaded Shirley to continue in pageants. No one was more surprised than Shirley when she proceeded to win on the local, state, and national levels of competition. God certainly had something in store for Shirley's life.

With a crown placed upon her head, Shirley's speaking career began! Having no previous experience, Shirley relied on her wits, life experiences, and constant prayer. Many people were curious as to what a Miss America would have to say to them!

Choosing a life between what the world holds in high esteem and how one feels the Lord's directing can be very confusing. Does one listen to people who promise Hollywood stars and millions in the bank, or does one listen to the Holy Spirit wooing us back into the fold? Shirley tried the glamorous upscale New York scene….for three days…. then returned to her hometown where she has never looked back with regret.

Shirley has an earned doctorate degree in Early Childhood Education and Family Counseling, which has been put to great use as she and her husband, Richard, raised their four children.

With humor and candor, Shirley has a wealth of stories and experiences that have equipped her to share with churches, women's organizations, youth groups, and keynoting banquets. "I have prayed that God might allow me to use the title of Miss America as a springboard for His glory."

Having five titles: Miss America 1975, Mrs. Richard Barret, Dr. Shirley Cothran Barret, and Mother, and Grandmother, Shirley remains busy speaking to various groups around the United States.

Shirley speaks on various topics including the following:



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